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Enrolling Is Easy - Key Information Below


  • DO have the referring ACN IBO’s ID number ready for verification during the ordering process.
  • DO complete and submit your enrollment yourself. No one else can complete the order for you.
  • DO have your Social Security Number available for a credit check (if applicable in your market) and ensure the Social Security Number matches the account holder. ITINs are not accepted.
  • DO remove any credit blocks prior to placing an order and please make sure you enter your personal information correctly (for example, enter your name as it appears on your Social Security Card).
  • DO be advised that in some markets, a Credit Check may be required and you will need to complete an Identity Verification and Credit Analysis. If a deposit is required, a Credit Check Information box will be displayed and you will be given the option to pay the deposit or to request an exception.
  • DO enroll for both natural gas and electricity at the same time if you live in a dual commodity market and would like to enroll for both.
  • DO have a copy of your utility bill(s) ready for reference when completing the online enrollment to ensure accuracy.
  • DO use a valid email address that you check regularly. XOOM Energy will contact you directly regarding the progress of your enrollment or request additional information if needed.
  • DO use the Multi-Location Enrollment (MLE) form - https://acn.xoomenergy.com/en/multi-location-enrollment if you have 5 or more accounts to enroll
  • DO be advised that large commercial customers whose total annual supply charge exceeds $17,000 are eligible to receive a custom rate proposal by submitting a Big Business enrollment form - https://acn.xoomenergy.com/en/big-business.


  • DON’T have the ACN IBO submit your enrollment or contact XOOM Energy on your behalf. You must complete the order process, which includes important acknowledgments and terms related to your service.
  • DON’T provide the ACN IBO’s email address or mobile number instead of yours.
  • DON’T order directly from https://xoomenergy.com/ or by calling XOOM Energy directly.

Important IBO Number Information:

On the next page, please verify or enter the ID of the ACN IBO who referred you. Ensure you have the correct ACN IBO’s ID entered so they will receive credit for your order.